Health Safety And Environment

Sembcorp Salalah manages Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities as its first priority to ensure long term business success and operational excellences.

The QHSE requirements embrace Sembcorp Salalah values and are integrated into all aspects of the business processes to;

• Prevent injuries and work-related illnesses ,
• Prevent pollution to minimise environmental impact in the operations; and.
• Ensure customer satisfaction through a reliable supply of quality power & water

Stress to employees and the contractors on their responsibility and accountability to support the delivery of reliable power and water through safe operations.

Engage employees in setting up QHSE objectives & targets by continually improving the QHSE performance.

Maintain and ensure that this policy is up to date and made available to the public and stakeholders.

Build, design, operate and maintain facilities that safeguards human health, operational safety, quality and environmental impacts.

Comply with the legal, regulatory, statutory and other requirements relating to quality, health, safety and environment.

Offer assistance and influence the stakeholders to conserve environment by reducing wastes, controlling emission and preserving natural resources.

Review periodically the performance and identify resources required to continually improving the QHSE management system.

Promptly respond to QHSE issues to safeguard the People, Environment, Asset and Reputation.

HSE Targets

HSE Management System

Sembcorp Salalah manages HSE with a systematic and structured approach through our HSE management system which forms an integral part of our business activities.

• Legal requirements
• Significant HSE impacts
• Occupational safety hazards and risks
• Technological options
• Financial, operational and business requirements
• Views of interested parties
• Training awareness & development of competencies

Sembcorp Salalah receives IMS Accreditation

This time the initiative has been on the quality system, receiving IMS accreditation at first attempt in accordance with the Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008, Environment Management System – ISO 14001:2004, & Occupational Health & Safety – 18001:2007.

The specialty of the initiative has been that of integrating three systems into single management system. What helped Sembcorp Salalah in achieving this milestone in such a short span of time was that it had always been maintaining and improving its management system since COD aiming to achieve ISO certifications to support the business call and to further improve efficiency as well as to provide the stakeholders the confidence that they are the part of a professional group.

The Audit Body of GCAS Quality Certifications assessed the Integrated Management System in Sembcorp Salalah Power & Water Company SAOG and Sembcorp Salalah O&M Services Company, LLC and found them to be in accordance with the requirement of the standards of International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) and the International Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS).

While the ISO certification implies fulfillment of Quality Management System in achieving customers’ satisfaction the OHSAS demonstrates the conscious determination of the organization to safe guard its employees and the environment conservations.

The IMS Core Committee led by Mr. Rakesh Kumar Jha as MR and the staff worked tirelessly in putting to gether the documentations supporting accreditation requirement through a process of last six months. Preparing the employees for the audits, ensuring implementation of the procedures and instituting an overall mind set for quality framework has been a real challenge.